Wayfarer Trout

Wayfarer Trout

Seven years ago, a family of fly fishing enthusiasts got bored with going home (to the cut & thrust of Gauteng business) and bought a valley farm in the Dargle, heart of the KZN Midlands, brimming with crystal waters. As a family of keen fly fishermen we hunted for a place where trout would flourish and were fortunate enough to stumble upon our beautiful secluded valley, flowing with absolutely pristine streams and rivers, ideal for the growing of trout.

Having tended to the buildings and property it became imperative to secure some form of income to contribute to the upkeep and general well being of the property. For the past five years we have developed a small hatchery from which we supply deboned trout fillets and cold smoked trout for the hotel and restaurant business. We are a family farm industry that strives to create good local connections and outlets in Kwa Zulu Natal and Durban.

Our aim is to produce fresh sustainable trout produce and to this end we process our fish weekly according to demand. We hope to get our orders on the Monday for delivery on Friday, thus ensuring that our trout is always fresh.

We produce the de-boned fillets for ease in both preparation time and because of the fact that few people enjoy mouthfuls of trout bone in their meal!

The cold smoked trout is prepared in the traditional way of Scottish salmon; it is brined and smoked to produce a delicate flavour that goes beautifully with salads, quiches and eggs - a highly versatile product. All products are individually vacuum packed, again to ensure a fresh, quality product to our customers.


Contact details :

PO Box 147
South Africa

Cell : +27 (0) 82 415 3780
VOIP : +27 (0) 31 940 1303

Email : wayfarer.dargle@gmail.com

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