Romesco The Olive People is an innovative olive company run by us; a group of extreme food lovers, our product range is our larder, this is how we eat.

We only ever use the Kalamata olive variety, it is the most desirable table olive in the world .  We have farmers who grow for us in the Cape, each year we take their harvest.  The olives arrive to us cured, ready for us to start the tasty work of marinating.

We marinate the olives in extra virgin olive oil to different recipes; Greek moussaka, Gremolata olives, Tangy kalamata, Roast aromatic and Panzanella are a few of our favourites from our menu of 30 different recipes.  We also stuff our olives with our own pickled garlic, preserved lemon and real anchovy fillets and smoke our olives over oak chippings which are then steeped in extra virgin olive with fresh vanilla.

Our extra virgin olive oil, is always 100% South African, it is pressed for us in the Cape.  We work with our olive growers to create; a fresh green blend with the flavour notes of hay, almonds, grass and pepper.

Our Tapenades and pesto’s are made with kalamata olives, extra virgin olive oil and other ingredients which are chosen by us for their supreme taste and the way they are produced.  Favourites on our sauce shelf are; classic Tapenade, Tomato and Basil pesto and the iconic Romesco Pesto, which we named our company after.

All the manufacturing takes place in our factory in the Midlands, just outside Howick, we also have a factory shop in Gauteng.  At both warehouses we conduct Olive events where visitors can come and taste all the different recipes and learn about the ancient world of the olive.

Claire Blezard
CEO  - chief eater of olives


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