Rio Largo Olive Estate

Rio Largo Olvice Oil

RIO LARGO, situated in the Western Cape of South Africa, is owned by Nick and Brenda Wilkinson and comprises olive orchards, vines, an olive specific nursery and a state of the art OLIOMIO olive processing and bottling plant.

RIO LARGO adopts biological farming methods for sustainable agriculture by "putting more back than we take out" together with overall concern for protecting the environment for future generations.

RIO LARGO EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is a blend of three cultivars (Frantoio, Leccino and Coratina) grown and pressed on the estate. Each cultivar is handpicked, pressed and stored separately in nitrogen sealed stainless steel tanks to maintain freshness.

Oils are then individually tasted before blending to achieve a mild, not too peppery, fruity and flavoursome oil; winning local and international awards since 2010

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