Just Cheese

Just Cheese

Just Cheese is a local cheese manufacturer in the Natal Midlands. Our aim is to produce cheese using the traditional Dutch methods of the past.

This means that we use fresh milk daily, direct from the farm and that our cheeses are made from “pure milk”, which is milk that hasn’t been pasteurized. This together with the traditional manufacturing, the passion and the feel for the cheese, is making our cheese natural, wholesome and unique.

Part of our product ranges is cheese with a flavour, by adding herbs or seeds to it. The most common cheeses are the Cumin, Fenugreek, Wild Garlic and the Italian Mix   (tomato, basil and garlic).

All our cheeses are matured. Some of our cheeses are tastier when they are young (6wks), while others are enjoyable when they are 3 month old or even up to 2 years old.


Contact details :

Just Wise Farm
Mooi River Road

Cell : +27 (0)  72 492 7062

Email : justcheese@greytown.co.za
Website : www.justcheese.co.za

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