Dargle Valley Pork

Dargle Valley Pork

My business entails the processing of top quality pork products. I have a small factory on the farm where we process the baconers. We only use traditional methods, for example, dry curing and oak smoking, and all our products are handmade. I then market these products directly to housewives, lodges, hotels, Bed and Breakfast establishments and a few select supermarkets. We do monthly deliveries to Johannesburg, Durban, Kloof, Westville, Pietermaritzburg, Nottingham Road, Mooi River and surrounding areas.

We have over 35 products on our product list including Pork Texan steak, kebabs, schnitzel, and plain and marinated stir-fry. I could not find any decent marinades as they all just tasted so synthetic, so I decided to create my own marinade for my products, which is preservative free. Our ribs are famous, and to make the loin roasts more interesting I created two of my own stuffing’s, one being bacon and prune and the other fig and couscous.

Our pork is artificial hormone free, and we only use female pigs, thereby eliminating any chance of boar taint. I have the most wonderful dedicated team of staff which are all women. As with all business's the firt two years were very testing but through sheer perserverance and dedication we now have a very successful business on the farm which has created employment for local ladies.

I could write a book about my story but this is just a very rough summary…just to wet your appetite.



Contact details :

The Chestnuts Farm
P.O. Box 41

Tel : +27 (0) 82 457 0987

Website : www.darglevalleypork.co.za

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