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Celebrating Distinctions With Lance Klipp

Twenty-five international distinctions from the students who graduated earlier this month was a remarkable feat - an achievement the current, #20182019 intake has taken on as a challenge. Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine’s aspiring-chefs’ examinations are marked in London and the results are awarded by City&Guilds, London.

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Angelo Richard... There Is Always One

It has been inspiring to witness this shy, young man blossom. I have often overheard comments such as: “Angelo is such a gentleman - we need more men like him”. Seriously fired up on this course, Angelo’s contribution is always 100 per cent. He is motivated and enthusiastic to tackle anything thrown his way. He volunteers to work at every function – wanting to make the most of every experience.

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Clifford Thwala - Adding His Unique Touch

The Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine #20172018 students are well into the practical placement segment of our curriculum, and the #20182019 are progressing through the course material proficiently, and in good time.

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Sundowner with a Difference

Every month we will showcase different wine estates. The students will pair bite-size tastings for the various cultivars being presented, and we’ll ask you to comment on the snacks and how well they pair with the respective wines.

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Introducing Zandy Armstrong - Class of 2018

I wanted to train at the best school possible and under the best chef possible – and, at this stage, I feel Chef Jackie Cameron is the best option available.

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Introducing Anele Tembe - Class of 2018

Crepe suzette. It’s a classic French dessert which I find elegant and full of flavour – and I’m full of personality, energy as well as confidence. With that comes carrying oneself with decorum.


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Introducing Heather-Lee Holliday - Class of 2018

The name Jackie Cameron. The different qualifications and certificates offered in the course.
To learn to prepare food the correct way. To be the best I can be and to be able to inspire others to do the same. 

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Introducing Marlene Carvalho - Class of 2018

I have always been passionate about food and I want to follow a future in the culinary industry.
I am hoping to gain – and achieve – the personal, theoretic and practical skills needed to become a renowned chef; and to graduate with the necessary qualifications.

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